Cause Health

We know a lot about what causes disease, but not much about what causes health. 

Just as peace is not the absence of war, and happiness is not the lack of sadness—health is much more than being free of disease. And yet we rarely ask the fundamental question: what causes health?

Of course we need to study the causes and cures for diseases. But a pathology-centric world view obscures vast opportunities. If we want our populations to truly thrive, we must give equal attention to determining the causes of health.

When we talk about “causing health” we don’t mean a new spin on conventional wellness programs. We mean to frame health as a societal resource. Our purpose is to cause health by creating places where people can thrive. All around us we see opportunities to re-think the built environment as a means to cause health rather than cause illness.

At Farrow, we create health-causing places through a process of co-creation with our clients—a process that expands the possibilities of the built environment.