Farrow Collaborating with Nucap on a Ground-breaking ‘Curved CLT’

Farrow has been collaborating with Nucap Industries on a transformational timber Proof of Concept  double curved ‘CLT-like’ timber wall at the Grip Metal R&D Lab – no glue, no nail, made of small pine ‘sticks’- 2” by 2” by 7” held together by gripmetal.com strips and post-tensioned; massively strong, self supporting. 

Why do CLT panels have to be straight?

That has just changed; the Grip Block process creates straight or curved panels out of block assemblies that can clear span 40ft using any type of soft wood; a remarkable technological advancement in timber construction. 

Grip Metal Strips, a sticky metal Canadian technology is transforming traditional wood CLT panel construction, invented by Nucap, a technology company.