Farrow Collaborating with Nucap Industries on Transformational ‘No Glue – No Nail’ CLT System

Farrow has been collaborating with Nucap Industries on a timber construction breakthrough- a 40 ft no glue, no nail, clear span soft wood beam – made of small pine ‘sticks’- 2” by 2” by 7” held together by gripmetal.com strips, with a 3“ hollow honeycomb like cavity, making it approx. 25% lighter than a comparable CLT panel of same mass/span. 

The beam is 4 ft in height and 7 inches wide with a 40ft span- deflection 2mm. Assembly from scratch by 3 people in two and a half hours at the Grip Metal R&D lab yesterday afternoon. 

Grip Metal Strips, a sticky metal Canadian technology is transforming traditional wood CLT panel construction, invented by Nucap, has also been picked up by the global timber connector innovation company Rothoblaas.