Jerusalem mixed-use building design begins

March 17, 2017. Farrow has begun design on a new $80 million mixed-use building including retail, commercial, hotel and underground parking in the heart of the ancient city. This is the second building Farrow is designing as part of their master plan for Shaare Zedek Medical Centre (SZMC) campus. Construction will commence with the excavation of the site in June 2017.

SZMC mixed use


Design for first phase of medical centre master plan unveiled

SZMC cancer

March 13, 2017. Farrow has unveiled the design for Israel’s newest cancer centre, located on a prominent site in the heart of Jerusalem.

It is the first phase of Farrow’s three million square foot master plan for Shaare Zedek Medical Centre (SZMC) campus, which was completed in April 2016. The 75,000 square foot centre will offer radiation treatment as a complement to present chemotherapy services on the campus. Read the full Canadian Architect news article here.

Construction will commence with the excavation of the site in June 2017. Farrow is collaborating with Jerusalem-based Rubenstein Ofer Architects for this project. This is Farrow’s fourth project in Israel, having designed buildings in the country since 2006.




Phase Two of transformative Royal St. Georges College begins construction

March 14, 2017. Construction has begun on the second of the three phased projects designed to transform the junior school of Royal St. George's College. The project includes a new entry hall, centre for collaboration, kitchen, food preparation area and renovation to all learning spaces on the first and second level. The final phase will involve altering the lower level of the building to collaborative and learning environments aligned with the Colleges' strategic objectives.

Royal St. George's College is one of Canadas premier independent schools for boys, located in the heart of the Annex neighborhood in Toronto. Founded in 1961 as an Anglican choir school in the tradition of the great collegiate and cathedral choir schools in the United Kingdom, it is the only pre-university school in Canada authorized to use the "Royal" designation, and houses the historic Chapel of St Alban-the Martyr on its campus.

Farrow’s education sector expertise builds on its leadership in creating healthy environments. This emphasis on healthy learning places has proven to be a major factor in the firms expanding independent school projects for some of Canada’s most prestigious academic organizations including Bishop Strachan School, Kingsway College School, Country Day School, Pickering College, Toronto Montessori School, Elmwood School, Havergal College, Dearcroft Montessori School, Berkeley Academy, Oakville Christian School as well as a design for the British Sherborne School’s new campus in Qatar.


Farrow featured in February Issue of Canadian Architect Magazine

February 13, 2017. Tye Farrow, working closely Ray Arbesman, president of Toronto-based company Nucap Industries, has developed a revolutionary construction material application. Farrow has been testing the idea of replacing exterior steel framing and cladding as well as walls and entire floor plates in multi-storey buildings with this lightweight, exceptionally strong material called Grip Metal.

Nucap Industries invented Grip Metal, originally developed to make car brake pads that are "stronger, lighter, more rigid, and more secure than brake pads used in any car in the 20th century." Tye Farrow's innovative design breakthrough is described in this issue of Canadian Architect, "Getting a Grip"along with a detailed description of the technology:

"As Montu Khokhar, CEO of Nucap, ex-plains, Grip Metal has developed tooling that extrudes an extremely small pattern of hooks on sheet metal. These hooks are formed on the surface alone, so that sheets as thin as 0.3 milli-metres are not punctured in the process. Pressed with enough weight, the hooks clasp to new materials instantaneously. Like barbs on a thistle, the hooks can attach to any substrate that doesn’t shatter under pressure: another piece of metal, wood, plastic, vinyl, or even some concrete composite panels. Essentially, Grip Metal makes metal act like Velcro."

Grip Tower sm



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