Farrow designs places where people can thrive physically, mentally, culturally and economically. Drawing on roots established over 50 years ago, the firm is engaged by clients across North America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Working individually or in joint venture, Farrow has designed projects across Canada and around the world valued at over $3 billion under a variety of delivery methods, including stipulated sum, design build, construction management, build-finance and design-build-finance.

Tye Farrow is recognized as a global visionary on the subject of how the built environment can ‘cause health.’ He has presented his ideas on this theme at the invitation of leading institutions including the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic, as well as venues from Helsinki to Houston.



Our purpose is to CAUSE HEALTH by creating places where we THRIVE through a process of CO-CREATION in order to EXPAND POSSIBILITIES.

All around us we see opportunities to re-think the built environment as a means to cause health rather than cause illness.

In our view, there is no such thing as a neutral place. What we build either enhances or erodes our capacity to thrive. Farrow's global “Cause Health” movement is aimed at raising expectations for design as the basis for total health, which extends beyond technical sustainability and our physical condition to encompass our state of mind. Design that 'causes health' promotes social integration, brain stimulation and spiritual regeneration.



In simple terms, we get it right as well as get it done.

We bring people together to discover the best way forward, rather than jump at answers. Our purpose-driven process has been designed to expand possibilities while making the best use of our client’s investment and resources. We believe that the creative process should be rewarding and energizing for all participants.

Key to the firm’s success is its ability to engage clients far beyond standard notions of collaboration and listening. Instead, we apply the research of globally recognized leaders in the fields of design strategy, group decision-making and the co-creation process. Our hands-on methodology has been designed to actively engage participants in expanding their options. This approach leads to greater opportunities for the same cost and allows clients to make more knowledgeable choices.



Farrow presentation at Cleveland Clinic Summit

Farrow Senior Partner, Tye Farrow, joined Ray Pentecost, President of Design and Health, and George Tingwald, Director of Medical Planning at Stanford University Medical Center, to present Architecture – Designing for Health and the Patient Experience at the 5th annual Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit: Transforming Healthcare through Empathy and Innovation at the annual Cleveland Clinic Summit.

The summit brought together senior health care leaders from around the world on May 18-21 to explore the patient experience as a key differentiator essential to the future of health care delivery.


University of Toronto Magazine features article on Farrow’s ‘Building for Your Health’ initiative

Tye Farrow (University of Toronto, BArch 1987) talks about causing health through the design of the built environment. Download PDF


Farrow featured in Globe and Mail

Tye Farrow and the Globe and Mail's Architourist, Dave LeBlanc, went for a walk in a Toronto neighbourhood recently and talked about Farrow's long-held belief that design can cause health. Download PDF