• Neuroscience and Architecture

    May 5, 2020

    Neuroscientists & cognitive scientists have revealed how architectural space effects how we perform; were we work, learn, live, play & heal. It is tied to a neurophysiology discovery called ‘neural mirroring.’ When we see someone smile, our reaction is to smile back, mirroring what we see and perceive as an emotion. Similarly, when we see soaring arches of a gothic cathedral, we sense a parallel physiological and psychological enriching sensation. During the recent period of isolation, we have come - all to well to realize - that space isn’t neutral. It can be an accelerant to how we feel and perform - or can leave numb.

  • High Performance Covid-19 Inpatient Bed Solutions

    April 21, 2020

    There is an acute need for innovative, rapid response technical solutions to provide added COVID-19 inpatient bed capacity options in the healthcare system, that also recognise the need for high quality environments that support the performance of workers, doctors and nurses in particular, who are performing in highly stressed, emotional and challenging situations.