How do we work?

In simple terms, we get it done, and we get it done right.

Our purpose-driven process brings people together to discover the best way forward—not just to jump at answers. Our process expands possibilities while making the best use of our clients’ investment and resources. We believe that the creative process should be rewarding and energizing for all.

Healthy, thriving places can only be created through a healthy process. Instead of a rigid ‘buy-in’ approval process, we draw on our knowledge of human nature, commitment and the psychology of group decision-making. We leverage all the knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm that our clients bring to the planning table in a ‘healthy process’ approach. Together we create something that is designed to serve a higher purpose.

Our process is key to our success. It takes us far beyond standard notions of collaboration and listening. We apply the research of globally recognized leaders in the fields of design strategy, group decision-making and co-creation. Our hands-on methodology actively engages participants in expanding their options. It leads to greater opportunities—for the same cost—and allows our clients to make more knowledgeable and informed choices.


• Special expertise in human-centric design and master planning
• Experience with P3/AFP delivery models
• Full architectural and interior design services
• Project management
• Contract documents
• Contract administration
• Phasing strategies
• Lean planning
• Building information modeling (BIM)
• LEED / integrated design process


Decision Support

• Branded workshops; Common Ground, Critical Eye™, and Scenarios for the Future


Brand Building

• Critical Eye physical brand analysis
• Brand implementation strategy workshops


Master Planning & Visioning

• Risk identification and mitigation strategies
• Business case development
• Operational integration
• Feasibility studies


Beyond Sustainability

We believe the accepted notion of sustainability must be expanded beyond technical materials and methods to embrace elements that allow humans to not merely survive, but to thrive. In other words, we must build for thrive-ability on a social, intellectual, environmental and economic level.

We see an overarching, pressing need to identify and nurture a demand for buildings and places that cause health rather merely than aspire to stop doing harm.

The distinction between causing health and preventing degradation is crucial. The cause health view is focused on leveraging human assets and capabilities—regardless of their current state—and engages us in building on these strengths to optimize health.