WH&IHC Hospital

Farrow was selected to design a new Integrated Health Centre (IHC) and Workers’ Hospital in Doha, Qatar, that embodies the country’s progressive health system expansion initiative. The project comprises a 220-bed, 645,835 square foot hospital and ambulatory care facility. The design expresses regional values and aspirations within the cultural identity of Qatar and is consistent with leading Canadian health care design standards, while aiming to be a global exemplar for how design can be a catalyst for health.

The project comprises a co-located, integrated ambulatory health services facility and hospital designed to serve the single male expatriate workforce in Qatar. The overall built area comprises 699,655 square feet, including future expansion. Due to the influx of groups of up to several hundred workers at any given time, the plan must support the efficient flow of workers through the facility toward appropriate services and waiting areas.