St Mary’s Hospital

“The greenest hospital in North America”

After presenting a preliminary assessment of the proposed master plan at the project shortlist interview, the client agreed that the Master Plan of Record was not optimal and that a more appropriate set of alternatives should be mutually explored.

Ultimately, greater value for money was delivered. The project scope includes a building expansion and extensive renovation to the existing hospital as well as the construction of an “Energy Centre” for physical plant services.

The redevelopment includes: plans for additional beds with an increase in the number of private rooms; new Special Care Unit for high acuity patients; improved infection control and isolation capacity; new emergency department with fast-track capacity; expansion to Ambulatory Care; Surgical Day Care; and a new diagnostic imaging department.

St. Mary's Hospital: Main Lobby Stairs and Haida Sun Sculpture

St. Mary's Hospital: St. Mary's Campus

St. Mary's Hospital: Emergency Reception

St Mary’s Hospital: Main Entrance