Solace© Rapid Assembly – High Performance Covid-19 Inpatient Bed Solutions  

There is an acute need for innovative, rapid response technical solutions to provide added Covid-19 inpatient bed capacity options in the system, that also recognise the need for high quality environments that support the performance of healthcare workers, doctors and nurses in particular, who are working in highly stressed, emotional and challenging situations. Solutions that are faster, cheaper, smarter, safer, offer more adaptable to individual hospital needs and importantly – are healthier – which cause health.

The innovation embedded in the Solace inpatient bed solution falls into two categories: first, high performance healing environment innovation and second, materials, method, fabrication and construction innovation.

High Performance Healing Environment Innovation: A very efficient ICU or Alternative Care Unit (ACU) design composed of twelve-beds wrapped in close proximity and sightlines of a central medical team care work area. The twelve-bed ward is approximately fifty by one hundred feet (15 by 30 metres) in overall dimensions, and when two units are paired together with a central access corridor, it is approximately fifty feet square for twenty-four bed inpatient unit.

As the twelve bed units are shaped as multiples of a square, they can be combined into any combination of total hospital beds from 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 or more beds, in a compact efficient form adjacent to an existing hospital parking lot or a greenfield site.

Similar in performance and environmental properties to a concrete block   The base component of the Solace Inpatient bed solution is a state-of-the-art building block, the first of its kind in the world, using proven technologies. The Grip Timber Cross Laminate Block (GTCLB) is a construction block similar in performance properties and strength to a concrete block, however it is lighter, non-brittle to shattering and made of offcut discarded small pieces of wood bound together mechanically by thin strips of a proven technology called Grip Metal. Grip Metal is a patented mechanical bonding system that evolved out of the process of binding car brake pad metal saddles to the fibrous material that engages the disc brake surface.