R-Hauz V2 Prefabricated Laneway Houses

R-Hauz provides mission is to provide landowners with customizable solutions that offer “real estate as product” delivering results that are faster, cheaper, smarter and healthier living.

Farrow was engaged to create the design for a number of prefabricated homes, using individual elements that could be brought to site and stacked in place, thereby reducing on site construction activities dramatically. The area of each V2 is determined by the lot size and has been designated for 20, 25, 30 and 40 foot lot widths.

The V2 models feature a range of one or two bedroom suites over a one or two (or no) car garage. Each unit floor has its own heating and cooling system and a combination of front and back of unit terraces, balconies or french balconies for passive cooling and access to sunlight. The building specifications allow a better than building code performance for energy requirements to minimize operating costs.