Mission Complex Care Hospital

Mission Complex Residential Care Facility and Mission Community Health Centre Mission, British Columbia. The design for this new complex care community residential centre and campus of care evokes an “architecture of wellness” for the facilities, which will be located adjacent to the existing Mission Memorial Hospital in the Fraser Valley.

The campus of care for seniors will be approximately 130,000 square feet in size with 200 residential care beds for people with complex health care needs, as well as a day program for other adults. A community health centre on the campus is 27,000 square feet and features a range of programs, such as primary care, a diabetes clinic, a seniors’ clinic, public health care, mental health and addiction care.

The project takes its design inspiration from the traditional west coast First Nation sun crest with a series of arms extending outward and radiating around a central sun figure, a design that reflects the local culture of the region and the peoples who have helped shape the land and the surrounding communities.

Mission Complex Care Hospital: Aerial Photograph of Campus

Mission Complex Care Hospital: Main Entry

Mission Complex Care Hospital: Haida Sun

Mission Complex Care Hospital: Floorplan