Kipling Integrated Health Centre

The design of this integrated health centre offers not only a welcoming environment for the community of Kipling, it also provides an acute care centre and community amenities to the populace at large.

The 45,000 square foot building is built around inviting circular spaces, which greet visitors and offer beautiful outdoor spaces for residents. The house-like rooflines and timber construction make the building feel familiar and comfortable.

In order to efficiently serve the population of Kipling, a wing with 11 acute care beds, plus one palliative bed, has been integrated into the facility. This wing provides immediate care for long-term residents in distress while also providing 24-hour-a-day care to the township. The nursing station ensures that staff can effectively monitor all acute care patients while also observing the 24-hour care entrance in case of a late-night emergency.

Kipling Integrated Health Centre: Main Entrance Lobby

Kipling Integrated Health Centre: Main Entrance

Kipling Integrated Health Centre: Ground Floor Plan

Kipling Integrated Health Centre: Aerial View