Kaplan Cardiology Centre

Farrow was retained by Kaplan Medical Center, to design the second building evolving out of the master plan. The centre, the largest cardiology centre in the Middle East includes which involved the creation of a specialty cardiology centre including cardiology labs, cardiac rehab, CT-MRI services, nuclear medicine, clinical research, ICCU and intermediate care beds.

The inspiration for the Cardiology Centre is that of a heart; beating, pulsing & alive. Similarly like a heart, the centre is made up of circulatory systems (corridors) & chambers (departments) in a fluid design. An electrocardiography is the process of recording the electronic activity of the heart represented in a graphic rhythm. This graphic rhythm is used to inspire the design of the Centres elevations, in the form of an exterior sun-shade system made of terra cotta.

The plan is a simple shifted rectangle in form. It has two main entrances from opposite corners where the sun-shade facade design opens, creating a welcoming embrace.

Kaplan Cardiology Centre: Floor Plan Stacking

Kaplan Cardiology Centre: View of the Cardiology Centre from Main Garden

Kaplan Cardiology Centre: View of East Facade

Kaplan Cardiology Centre: Main Entrance