Grip Global Tower

The Grip Global Tower is a 44 storey all timber tower, using the innovative Grip Metal technology that has developed out of the automotive industry. Because of the strength of the Grip Metal fastening, wood-and-metal structures and façades can be formed in any shape, including complex curves, and stay put without adhesives, nails or screws.

The Grip Global Tower is designed with lightweight laminated bracing, replacing exterior steel framing along with Grip Metal reinforced CLT floor panels.

For the cladding, unlike the adhesive-bound structural insulated panels currently on the market, the tower uses ribbon-like, exterior-finished framing members called Grip Timber Metal that are 12’-6” long and 10 1/2” in depth, with laminated aluminum and wood at their core.

Grip Global Tower: Detailed View of Tower

Grip Global Tower: Diagrams of Structure Through to the Exterior Facade

Grip Global Tower: View of Stepped Terraces

Grip Global Tower: Structural Analysis Diagram