December 28, 2020.  The coming year will see the release of Farrow Partners plan for a way forward for the great Italian city of Venice.

 In the works for the last year, in 2021 Farrow Partners will release its Venice Aqua-emerald Archipelago Plan for the great Italian City.

It proposes a farsighted and practical way for the island city to address the ‘two floods’ which have had devastating effects over the last 50 years: floods caused by global warming and rising sea levels; paired with the flood of people and mass tourism, which has made the physical and social fabric of the city extremely brittle.

Then came Covid-19 which brought the city’s economy to its knees.

 Using human and health-centered strategies for designing complex urban systems, the Venice Aqua-emerald Archipelago plan charts a way forward for the much beloved ‘City of Water’.