Tye Farrow speaking at the “Cancer Care by Design 2023 International Symposium”, February 1, 2023, Liverpool, England: “Contrary to the assumption that brain networks are fixed or cannot change after a certain age, our brains are, in fact, permanently plastic and can grow, heal, and change throughout our lives, even when we are under the tremendous uncertainty, such as when we are experiencing cancer. 

Several factors play an important factor in this, specifically our environment, which affects our capacity to strengthen our neural networks through neurogenesis.

Meaningful spaces we inhabit, have been clinically show, specifically for cancer treatments, as a non-invasive therapeutic treatment, complementary to state-of-the-art biologically oriented medical care.

Places that have the ability to alleviates the effects of neuro-degeneration, enhances neurogenesis, improves health and well-being, and importantly outcome, when we are facing some of the biggest challenges life puts in front of us.”