Tye Farrow, FRAIC, first Canadian architect to attain a Master of Neuroscience Applied to Architecture

November 4, 2020: TORONTO 

Tye Farrow, OAA, FRAIC, is the first Canadian architect to attain a Master of Neuroscience Applied to Architectural Design (NAAD), graduating at the top of the class from the University of Venice IUAV, one of two universities in the world which awards degrees in this emerging field of research.

 While leading Farrow Partners Architects, with projects across Canada, Europe and Israel, Tye pursued the NAAD degree as a fly-in student monthly in Venice pre-pandemic, and online since the spring, deepening the firms ‘cause health’ & ‘enriched environments’ research. 

The NAAD program is taught by some of the worlds most celebrated neuroscientists, cognitive scientists, social scientists, psychologists & architects – connecting the dots between our ‘internally’ constructed space – our brain-mind – & our ‘externally’ constructed space – our habitat, with in depth studies of: the brain structure, anatomy, physiology and architectural perception; architecture and the brain-body system; and pre-cognitive human demands and experiences of architecture.

We are living in what has been described as the ‘golden age’ of neuroscience research which is leading to innovative ideas about how to live a fulfilling and healthful life and the role our built environments play in this equation. 

With advanced imagining technology, neuroscientists are now able to peer into the brains workings like never before and are able to quantify the role, among other things, that our built environment plays in advancing mind-brain wellbeing, and how we can intentionally create, as Tye has framed, ‘enriched environments’ for where we live, work, learn, heal and play. Thereby creating the conditions where we can flourish.

 Tye has been asked to present his thesis at the 2021 Venice Biennale of Architecture.

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