January 3, 2021. While 2020 was a challenging year in so many ways, it became one of Farrow’s most inspiring years. Opening several aspirational buildings for our clients; spreading the firm’s geographical reach to the east from Jerusalem Israel, westward through Venice Italy, Dublin Ireland, across Canada to the west coast, Vancouver & the resort community of Whistle.

 Design challenges ranged from: product design for a revolutionary ‘CLT like’ timber building block; through to tacking the effects of climate change & raising sea levels through the creation of a new 32 km park at a city scale.


From housing to hospitality, knowledge to health building types.


While confined to Zoom, we give fourteen lectures in seven countries, from Finland to Australia; sought out to present our thoughts on the relationship between neuroscience & architecture; connecting the dots between space, perception, & human performance. 

The murky soil of 2020 has created fertile ground for the blossoming of enriched environments in 2021; those which cause health.