Farrow’s Venice Italy Archipelago Plan is on the cover of The Biophilic Cities Journal.

 “Visionary Toronto architect Tye Farrow, along with other colleagues, has recently laid out a bold idea for its future . . . envisioned is a 32-kilometer long “aqua-emerald archipelago park” that would encircle the city; a linear string of parks, some existing and some to be constructed.

 In a provocative report (and plan), Venice: the Death and Life of the Great Italian City, A Way Forward, Farrow lays out this transformative vision of a “de-central” park that would serve the multiple functions of flood control, recreation, food production, and new connections to nature.

 The result is a vision of a circular waterfront park that is “biophilic and hortaphilic”. . . the benefits and rationale for such a bold project are clearly stated in this report as well as a sense of where and how this project would unfold.  . . . and one worthy of serious discussion.”

 The Biophilic Cities Journal is produced by Biophilic Cities, which partners with cities, scholars and advocates from across the globe to build an understanding of the value and contribution of nature in cities to the lives of urban residents.

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