Farrow’s Toronto Hunt Club Golf Simulation Centre Ready for Occupancy

Farrow’s Toronto Hunt Club Golf Simulation Centre, which has reached occupancy, connects the dots between physical health and mind health as it relates to our social instincts. 

We have come to realize, and measure, how design impact health— specifically mind health.

 We also know there are measurable qualitative aspects of design that affects ‘mind health’; psychological health and as a result physiological and sociological health.

Golf simulation centres have often been located in dark black boxes lined up in rows, which dampens the mental simulation of an enriched visual environment and the social interaction of play and participating in others challenges. 

The Hunts simulation bays are skewed off line so one can see all bays and are also housed under a vaulted wood structure with ample daylight and views to the surrounding forest and lake to allow for interaction with ‘real’ nature, thereby enhancing the artificial simulation experience. 

 These responses fundamentally effect human performance through complex neurological procedures. We can create ‘enriched environments’ that enhance human performance, through specific spatial fundamentals, both cultural and causal, and thus support optimal health.”