Dr Ben Corn, Deputy Director and Head of Radiation Medicine at the Farrow designed new Shaare Zedek Cancer Center, set to open in 2022 interviewed in The Jerusalem Post comments: “Our idea is that we can teach all the staff of a medical center hope-enhancing techniques – and when I say ‘staff’ I mean everyone, from the doctors to the guards, from the nurses to the orderlies, through the workshops and seminars we have developed,” Corn said. “We often talk about how diseases and viruses are contagious, but hope is contagious too.” “Shaare Zedek’s new cancer center will embody this worldview, starting from its architecture.”

 Corn states: “It is going to be a beautiful place . . . the structure will represent a butterfly, a tremendously powerful idea because the butterfly, as we know, was a caterpillar that went through a metamorphosis, something similar to what happens to a person who experiences a significant change in life.”