Farrow Speaking at Healthy City Design 2020 International Congress, London England

Tye Farrow will be presenting Farrow Partners systemic urban design proposal to protect, restore and reinvigorate the ecological, civic-societal, physical, and economic health of the great Italian city of Venice, at the Healthy City Design International Congress, London England on December 2, 2020.

 Recently presented in Venice and in development for over a year, the never previously imagined proposal presents a realistic and far-reaching solution to address the core systemic interrelationships that has caused the malfunctioning of the city over the last forty years; that of the two ‘floods’ of Venice – water and tourists.

The proposal involves creating an ‘aqua-emerald archipelago necklace’ of new and existing islands – a flood water and cruise ship barrier – made up of a 32 km new park sprinkled with leading Italian agri-tech pavilions creating employment and food security along with a extensive range of active and passive recreation choices for Venetians.