Farrow Invited to Give a Presentation to the Canadian Accredited Independent School Association on Re-entry Planning in the Age of Covid-19

Tye Farrow will be giving a webinar presentation to the Canadian Accredited Independent School community on “Planning Your School Facility Re-entry When No Rule Book Exists”

The webinar will give context, principles, questions & strategies to use practically & safely to re-open independent schools in September.

 Drawing on two decades of international hospital infection control & independent school design & engineering expertise, this session will:

 – ‘see where the puck is going, not where it is’ regarding public health policy

– draw from a broad international data base of effective infection control strategies

– use a range of ‘belt & suspenders’ strategies to control outbreaks & remain operational

– move your facilities beyond brittle, beyond resilient to ‘antifragile’ regarding outbreaks

– understand low-risk high-risk & low-impact high-impact solution

– understand ‘risk compensation’ & ’shouldering risk’ concepts to use effectively with your community to increase successful outcomes

– & most importantly ensuring that strategies cause health; physical, mind & community health in an age of Covid-19

Tuesday June 23, 11-12 noon

 More at www.causehealth.ca