Netherlands based Het Houtblad Magazine’s “Building Health” December 2022 article on Farrow’s Credit Valley Hospital. Editor-in-chief Jan Maurits Schouten writes, “It’s because we follow Tye Farrow that we began to notice his work, especially because of the Jerusalem cancer treatment hospital he’s designing and whose construction has just begun: a building like a ‘butterfly’ of wood that people receive from afar.”

“Farrow also sent us a copy of the book that he is putting the finishing touches on. A 215-page treatise that delves deeply into the relationship of the human brain, the body and its emotions in relation to the environment”.

“We quote Farrow: ‘There is more and more data about how the environment influences how you feel and your environment. That our heart rate slows down, our cortisol level drops when we are surrounded by biobased materials is increasingly being observed. In my book I look for the ideal proportions, the objective qualities that you can give an enriched environment. Just as architecture has always worked with ideal proportions of spaces, there is a neurological and holistic basis for this, which you can explore to realise health-giving buildings.”