Farrow Designs New Spa

In the works, a new centre of wellbeing, based on comprehensive mind-body thermal water treatment.
We are familiar with the constant buzz of the city, but often the chance to experience the sensations of stillness and intimacy is lacking.
An environment can offer a more appropriate scale and proximity, to establish a relationship between our body and the environment. The environment can reflect the sounds around us and transmit them back to our bodies to be heard (and not only in our ears); the way sound vibrates from wood, leather, steel, glass and stone is different, and can create a warm tone or feel reflective and empty. A building’s mass and “tone” should relate to the scale of a human body.
These are the qualities that define places where we want to enter, linger and stay a while. Places that draw us in and make us feel at home, or peaceful.
Places that we want to get to know and discover, versus those that we want to keep on passing through. The qualities of light and shadow, and how light falls on a surface; the materials used and their surface depth, sheen or reflectivity; the sound of the space; and its shape and form.
These elements add to sensations of stillness and intimacy.