Farrow Chairs Healthy City Design International Session

Tye Farrow chaired a 2018 Healthy City Design congress session on the relationship between community food hubs and community health and prosperity. Community food hubs are a new typology that mixes famers markets, food processing and community engagement space which creates shared learning on health and wellbeing.

The congress, organized by SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange, was at the Royal College of Physicians in London England on October 15 & 16, 2018. The Health City Design Congress explored the theme of “Creating cities for all: designing for equity and resilience. . . . in their planning and design, cities have made undeniable progress in advancing the health of their citizens over the past 60 years. Within cities, however, health inequalities exist, and these are largely based on broader social inequalities. Cities have become polarised between rich and poor, public and private, engaged and excluded.”