May 22 2021.  The Farrow designed – Venice Archipelago Plan: A Saluto-Systemic Approach to Address the ‘Two Floods’ of City of Water, will be presented at the La Biennale di Venezia, the 17th International Architecture Exhibition on May 22, 11:00 CET.  The plan addresses the ‘two floods’ the City is facing, that of water caused by global warming, and the flood of day visitors due to mass tourism through a new 32km Aqua-emerald Archipelago ecological public park of new and existing linked islands, which creates: a natural water & cruise ship barrier; a global centre for the study of urban solutions to rising sea levels; & a new economic agri-tech food production sector. 

 All leading towards food self sufficiency, economic & university growth, new employment opportunities and enhanced civic and social wellbeing through new public blue & green spaces. The Venice Plan is the only solution to date, that allows the water levels to return to their historic levels, thereby allowing the buildings to be preserved.