Farrow Gives Key Speech at European Health Design Congress in London England.

Tye Farrow has given a key speech to Europe’s leading health design congress at the Royal College of Surgeons in London on the subject: “The life, death and resurrection of wellness: enriched environments that activated optimal health.” The speech focused on identifying elements of architectural space that contribute to physiological and psychological health. Farrow identified the measurable qualitative aspects of design that can affect psychological health and as a result physiological and sociological health. Through design, we can a measurable dimension of “comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness” and most importantly, create the “sense of purpose”, that is a predictor of strong health and wellness outcomes. His speech connected the dots between psychological cognitive and pre-cognitive reactions that have physiological responses. These responses fundamentally effect human performance through complex neurological procedures. We can create ‘enriched environments’ that enhance human performance, through specific spatial fundamentals, both cultural and causal, and thus support optimal health. The European Health Design Congress provides an international forum for researchers, policymakers and practitioners to explore the relationship between health service and system design, technology and the built environment, which is now in its fifth year.