Farrow has preview the firms upcoming book. Three years in the works, a covid lockdown project, 14 chapters, 60,000 words, 260 diagrams, drawings and photographs; 11 inches square, and weighting in at 5 lbs.

To be released in the fall of 2023, Tye Farrow’s first book, titled “Constructing Health: an exploration of generous architecture, through the neurological, psychological, and emotional benefits of enriched environments.”

The table of contents includes:

1  Place, Health, Well-being and the Mind

2  Health and Well-being: Our View through History

3  Where Does the Mind Stop and the Rest of the World Begin? The Embodied Brain, the Extended Mind

4  Affordances and Generosity

5  The Theory of Constructed Emotions: How We Construct Internal and External Relationships – Person-to-Person and Person-to-Place

6  The Study of Environmental Enrichment

7  The Qualities of Enriched Environments

8  The Theory of Positive Ambiguity: Interweaving the Qualities of Enriched Environments

9  Awakening All Our Senses: Creating Enriched Environments

10  City Making: Affordances, Generosity, and a Saluto-systemic Approach to Placemaking

11  Living Places: House, Home, and a Sense of Coherence

12  Where We Learn: The Neurological, Psychological, and Emotional Benefits of Enriched Learning Environments for Students and Faculty

13  A Saluto-systemic Approach to Health Care Environments

14  Constructing Health and Human Performance: A Way Forward