Solidness, silence, stillness and intimacy is an important element of our built environments – enriched environments – something that can intentionally be infused, especially in a Covid-19 period when we have all been left feeling vulnerable.

 One wonders if we need an “unplugged architecture” that allows one to listen to their own selves; human scale and layered, subtle places we occupy. Places where we can sense the subtler rhythms and sounds of our surrounding, our breathing, sound of our breath and beat of our heart.

 Places we want to enter, linger and stay a while, where we are drawn in  and ‘feel at home’ – or peace – we want to further get to know and discover, versus those that we want to continue passing through. Qualities of light and shadow, how light falls on a surface; materials and their surface dullness, depth, sheen or reflectivity; sound; shape and form all add to the sensations of stillness and intimacy.