Our perception of space is multimodal

Our perception of space is multimodal; the places where we live, work and the places we go to learn and study. 

Our bodily experience of moving affects all our senses. How we relate to an environment, and make sense of it, is a direct result of how we experience the world.

 These elements (or characteristics and atmospheres known as ‘stimmung’) of enriched environments, create embodied simulations within our mind/body’s biological and chemical systems. 

Like architectural “super vitamins” they can enhance and activate optimal health, as measured though neurological, physiological, psychological and sociological feedback.

The effects of enriched environments, and the ways in which a person’s surroundings can positively or negatively affect that individual, can be seen in the research of Hebb, 1947; Krech, Rosenzweig and Bennett, 1960; and Gould et al., 1999.