We resonate with places inspired by natural shapes, light & materials, biophilic elements, laws of nature and mid-range dimensional complexity fractal patterns, specifically forms that reflect a midrange dimensional visual sweet spot as discovered by Prof. Richard Taylor.

While the concept of biophilia is well known, the concept of hortophilia is less so. 

Growing out of ‘horti’ as in horticulture, the art or practice of garden cultivation, and ‘philia’, the love of something, it is a newer concept defined as our “desire to interact with, manage and tend nature.” 

Coined by neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks, reflecting a more action oriented, lived experience, again deeply ingrained in us.

Enriched environments are design choices that enhance human performance by simulating constructive bodily proprioceptive, exteroceptive and interceptive responses; the tuning of space for constructive human behavioural performance

Chosen characteristics that evoke positive basic emotions and background bodily feelings – that cause health.