Sustainable Design

Here Comes the Sun

In Canada’s northern hinterland where winter sun is limited, Erin Donnelly describes how the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre delivers therapeutic daylight by providing life-affirming, light-filled work environments year round. Erin Donnelly, Canadian Interiors
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Humanism in the Art of Sustainable Healing

Design City TorontoIn Sustainable Healthcare Architecture, Associate Sean Stanwick discusses why healthcare buildings need to be synchronized with their environment, grow from their communities, celebrate regional culture and become intertwined with the local economy. Sean Stanwick
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The Future of Healthcare Services: A Look at Bluewater Health

Follow the Bluewater Health design team as they attempt to become the first Silver-certified Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design™(LEED) healthcare facility in the country. Cecile Mutton, Construction Canada
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Designing Strong Links to Nature

In International Hospital Federation Reference Book, Partner Tye Farrow explores the gap between the business of healthcare and the human desire to connect with nature during the healing process. By doing so, he challenges our basic expectations for what healthcare environments can be. Tye Farrow
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