Farrow to Present Living Bridge Design at UK Healthy Cities International Congress

Farrow’s “Living Bridges: Healthy urban Infrastructure as a Multi-use Economic Asset” has been chosen from over 100 papers to be presentation at the inaugural Healthy City Design 2017 International Congress, from 16-17 October at the Royal College of Physicians, London, UK.

Farrow’s design imagines our city’s most costly infrastructure as high performing social and cultural urban revenue generators; that spending on pipes, pavement, single-use bridges and transit could be directed toward the challenges of affordable housing and community-building.

Worldwide, urban areas with a high quality of life face urgent demands to offset the alarming side-effects that threaten their continued success. These cities are rapidly become unaffordable to people who are essential to the future of thriving, resilient communities. The need to increase density, inclusiveness, affordability and access requires a bold new approach to land use, healthy design and breakthrough construction methods.

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