Tye Farrow delivers convocation speech at the University of Toronto

Tye Farrow addressed the graduating class of the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design and Graduate Programs of OISE at the University of Toronto on June 4.

Farrow’s convocation message focused on his global quest to Cause Health which has grown out of his education and mentors at the U of T.


Global property investment report features Farrow’s “total health” approach

The MP Report, which covers emerging trends in international real estate property investment, profiles Farrow’s “total health” approach to building design here. The article, "Canadian architect Tye Farrow backs 'total health' buildings," resulted from Farrow's recent lecture tour of three Australian cities.  



Farrow in international news: "The power of acoustics for causing health"

Australian ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN quotes Tye Farrow on the role of acoustics in health-causing environments, and features his project at Credit Vally Hospital. Farrow says "timber is a good material for healthcare projects as it has been proven to raise spirits and reduce stress. At the same time, it can be used to reflect and absorb sounds." Read the article here.


Sydney Morning Herald: “Canadian architect Tye Farrow backs 'total health' buildings”

Australian media continue to demonstrate their enthusiasm for Farrow's focus on using the built environment to enhance people's ability to thrive. Tye Farrow's design is featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and he explains his approach, "To thrive is linked to the idea of prosperity. What we build has a big impact on our minds, ability to think and feel better, to work better. This is the idea of total health." 

"It's more than just environmental design, complete with green ratings...((it is instead) something that becomes beloved, not disposable"

For example, at Credit Valley Hospital, "We wanted to bring the lines of nature into the built form. When people walk into the building, they feel as if they are part of something, there is a deep-rooted connection," he said. Read the article here.


Australian A&D news features Cause Health

An excellent summary with examples of Cause Health design elements by Australian A&D 


SAB Magazine features article by Farrow

The case for using our "total health" as the basis for judging every building and public space is presented here by Tye Farrow and Sharon VanderKaay in SAB (Sustainable Architecture and Building) magazine.

"The Ultimate Test for Design: Does it Cause Health?" asks us to expand our thinking about the sustainability movement to a embrace a "cause health" environmental regeneration model. The Cause Health model is derived from Antonovsky's concept of salutogenesis.

At the intersection between individual and public health there are shared interests that can serve to accelerate progress in the sustainability movement.


Farrow presents in three Australian cities

TORONTO, March 9, 2015 - Tye Farrow will present "The Ultimate Test for Design: Does it Cause Health?" in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, March 23-26. He is participating in a National Seminar Series sponsored by the Australian Institute of Architects, details here.   

These talks will focus on the need to think beyond sustainability to thrive-ability from an economic, cultural and physical perspective. Examples will be presented that demonstrate how design can advance "total health", which extends beyond our physical condition to encompass our state of mind.


Saskatchewan Integrated Health Centre Opens

The opening for Farrow-designed Kipling Integrated Health Centre was celebrated on March 13. Art Van Maren, president of VanMar Constructors, provided construction services for this design-build project. He reports on the enthusiastic reception stakeholders, “Local client representatives all complimented our team during their speeches. One of the comments made was that we raised the bar on design and construction in Saskatchewan. MHPM and Sun Country said the design-build experience was great. They loved all the daylight in the facility, the cheerful colors, the layout and functionality.” Here is the news release. 


Farrow's St. Mary's Hospital in global top ten greenest

The first hospital in North America designed to be carbon-neutral, St. Mary's continues to attract recognition for sustainable design. It is listed here as the tenth most environmentally friendly hospital in the world. Designed by Farrow in association with Perkins + Will, St. Mary's is targeting net carbon reduction through the use of a geo-exchange system, a high-performance envelope, a photovoltaic array and passive design strategies, such as the use of solar shading and operable windows that allow for natural ventilation. As a result, the project is on target to achieve a 40% energy savings when compared to other LEED Gold Certified hospitals.