Ketchum Hall opens to great acclaim

RSG Ketchum Hall comp

Ketchum Hall before the transformation and on re-opening day, September 19, 2016.

The great hall is the first phase of Royal St. Georges College redevelopment plan. Here is a 360 viewport of the space. Enthusiastic reactions by students on opening day of the transformed Ketchum Hall included:

I couldn’t have imagined what we had before could become this. – Everett R. – Grade 12

Ketchum Hall has turned into one of the coolest places in the school. – Rupert C-R., Grade 12

I’m very impressed by how nice it looks. – Marten L., Grade 7

It looks very modern. I like the design, especially the ceiling. – Zachary C., Grade 7

It’s very modern and new. The design is pretty cool. – Adam S., Grade 7

It feels a lot more open. I love seeing the final product. It’s very cool. – Aidan C., Grade 7

It’s a good environment for people to eat in. It’s very organized.  – Zachary C., Grade 8

It’s better than I expected. I didn’t expect the design to be so intricate. I like it. – Thomas J.-K., Grade 8

I like the way the windows let in the light from outside.  – Wil L., Grade 9

I like the new skylights – more light comes in now. And I like the round tables on the side. I can’t wait to be in Grade 12! – Luca M., Grade 9

I love it. It’s a huge upgrade from what we had before. It’s a lot more organized and it’s a way more inviting place. – Ethan K., Grade 12

It’s a lot better. It’s warmer and more welcoming. The wood furniture is so nice. The roof is great, the natural sunlight comes in. And it looks so much bigger! – Pengrui C., Grade 12

It’s amazing. The use of natural light makes it a much friendlier and inviting place. – George B., Grade 12

It gives you a warm feeling as if you were eating at home – Sebastian R., Grade 12

It’s night and day from what it was. It’s giving me an orchestra of emotions. – Owen H., Grade 12

A RSG staff member said, ". . having this room given to us...for my use...makes me feel as if I am very special."  Another staff member told us, "You did an absolutely amazing job. Your renderings were beautiful. The real thing? Spectacular. RSGC was already an amazing place because of the people. Now it's also an amazing place because of the buildings. Well done."

Watch this unedited video of the boys' reaction when they see the space for the first time.

Ketchum Hall unoccceiling comp


Tye Farrow is President-elect of UTAA Board

The University of Toronto Alumni Association (UTAA) Board of Directors has elected Tye Farrow as President-elect. Each Board member is expected to participate at UTAA Board meetings, to be actively involved in one or more of the board’s working groups or initiatives, and to serve as an ambassador for the University and its alumni, both on and off campus.  


Farrow selected by TMS Schools for Facilities Development Plan

Internationally recognized since 1961 as Toronto Montessori Schools, TMS School (TMS) have selected Farrow to create a Facilities Development Plan for their two campus locations in Richmond Hill. Farrow’s strategic design process is aligned with Montessori values that include purpose-focused inquiry, critical thinking and active, experiential learning.

The plan for the two campuses will identify a series of projects and options at each campus that will advance the school’s Mission and programs. TMS seeks to “deliver a seamless, internationally acclaimed educational experience that inspires and challenges students to discover the best of who they are and to achieve their full potential.”

Farrow recently launched Common Ground, Critical Eye and charette sessions with TMS stakeholders.

TMS news 1LR

Video highlights of Charette 1 can be seen here . Charette 2 video highlights are here .

The firm has completed over thirty master plans for clients in the knowledge, learning and health sectors across Canada, the Middle East and Asia. The firm is known for creating places where people can thrive physically, mentally, culturally and economically.




Tye Farrow to lead U.S. design awards jury

The Kaiser Permanente Design Excellence Awards Program was established to recognize outstanding health-enhancing results by Kaiser Permanente design consultants. On September 16 in San Francisco, Tye Farrow will lead a jury that includes medical group clients, academic/educational representatives Kaiser Permanente National Facilities Services Governance Board, and renowned architects/designers. This will be Tye's second time to serve on this awards jury.

Kaiser Permanente is America's largest managed care organization, serving more than 9 million people from 38 hospitals and 608 medical office buildings. They have been described in The New York Times as "the face of future health care."

This awards program recognizes "the contributions of KP professional design consultants for projects that achieved excellence in planning, architectural design, engineering, information and clinical technology, innovative design concepts, and cost savings ideas for Kaiser Permanente facilities across all regions."

Their facilities in eight U.S. states and the District of Columbia accommodate 192,000 employees and physicians.




Farrow's design for $1B St. Paul's Hospital submitted

Farrow's designs for $1B new St. Pauls Hospital in Vancouver revealed for conceptual approval: report



St Pauls 1


Sechelt Hospital featured in Building magazine

Building Magazine cites extensive consultations with the local Sechelt Indian Band and exemplary green features of Sechelt Hospital (previously known as St. Mary's Hospital) in this article. Located on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, the project has demonstrated 40% energy savings compared to a LEED Gold Certified building (Abbotsford Regional Hospital). Designed to be the first hospital in North America to be carbon-neutral, Sechelt Hospital has been listed as the tenth most environmentally friendly hospital in the world. Architects: Farrow in association with Perkins + Will Vancouver.

 Sechelt Hospital x-small


Renowned Jerusalem Health Sciences Campus Expansion

Farrow presented the design for a major expansion to Shaare Zedek Medical Centre (SZMC) campus, located on a prominent site in the heart of Jerusalem. The design sets out a vision for development which embodies SZMC's dedication to advanced medicine infused with human compassion, emphasizing the human touch and connections to nature.  

As illustrated in this video, the design reinforces a feeling of being "in good hands" by re-conceiving the arrival experience and flow of people through the campus. It creates a new central park and garden network that weaves from Mount Hertzel to the north through the campus toward the valley and recreation fields to the south. Major elements of the expansion include increased inpatient capacity (from 900 to 1,300 beds) along with expanded ambulatory, acute care, maternal, cancer radiotherapy, laboratory, research, nursing and medical school facilities. Mixed use enhancements include retail and a hotel.

Farrow's planning process was designed to unite participants in pursuing a way forward that is visionary, flexible and responsible. Specific criteria for the design were created with SZMC representatives and Jerusalem-based Rubenstein Ofer Architects, who are Farrow's collaborators for this project.

Other design criteria included:

  • enable SZMC to expand their role as a Center of Influence as well as a Center of Excellence
  • promote health in all respects
  • provide spaces that are easy to navigate with generous connections to the outdoors
  • create a learning environment as well as a teaching hospital
  • meet the needs of future generations, as well as changes in medicine, by being flexible, scalable and adaptable 
  • strengthen human and physical connections to the community and street network
  • provide a comfortable environment that helps hardworking staff enhance their performance

The first phase of detailed design has commenced, with construction to begin in late 2016.    

Shaare Zedek's site is located next to Mount Hertzel, Israel's national cemetery, the Jerusalem Forest and the Yad Vashem memorial to victims of the Holocaust.

This is Farrow's fourth project in Israel, having designed buildings in the country since 2006. These projects exemplify Tye Farrow's global Cause Health movement, which sees design as the basis for total health, which extends beyond technical sustainability and physical health to encompass our state of mind. 

Shaare Zedek Medical Center 6



Farrow to give talk at Arts and Letters Club

Tye Farrow has been invited to give a lecture to members of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto on May 30, 2016.He will present his thoughts on the relationship between what we build and our total health. 

The Arts and Letters was founded in 1908 as "a rendezvous where people of diverse interests might meet for mutual fellowship and artistic creativity. It was to become a 'comradely haven for kindred souls.'"

The club attracted writers, musicians, architects, academics and supporters of the arts who helped shape the artistic culture we enjoy today including the Group of Seven painters, Robertson Davies, Vincent Massey, Marshall McLuhan.


Transformative education project begins construction

Construction has begun to transform Royal St. George's College dining hall and junior school to coincide with its 50th anniversary celebration this fall. The first phase of the project will see the total renovation of the College's Ketchum Hall and administrative areas, followed by renovations to the main entrance, kitchen and all classrooms. The project will be complete in 2017.

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