Farrow hired to Create New Prop-tech Incubator and Accelerator Space

November 15, 2017. Farrow has been engaged to design a new property technology incubator and accelerator space for R-Labs in Toronto. The space will be a centre to mix people, ideas, technology and money to create the future. R-Labs will move in to the space in early 2017.


Farrow’s Living Bridge in Spacing Magazine National Edition

November 14, 2017. Farrow’s Living Bridge is featured in the fall national edition of Canada urban Spacing Magazine. Spacings Editor Matthew Blackett states: “Toronto is no stranger to grandiose ideas. . . but rarely is a big idea built atop of another big idea, like the one proposed by architect Tye Farrow.”


Farrow an Advisor on North America’s Healthiest New Community

November 10, 2017. Farrow been engaged as an advisor for the new North-east Pickering Community Visioning Group by the Dorsay Development Corporation. The site consists of nine separate land parcels with a gross acreage of 900 acres. Dorsay’s vision for these lands, located in Pickering Ontario, adjacent to the new Seaton Community and future Pickering Airport, is for the new community to set the standard for healthy living in North America.


Farrow Begins Work on Seminal V2 and V6 Residential Prototype Buildings

November 9, 2017. Farrow has been hired by R-Homes to develop prototype designs for housing that will fill the “missing middle” in the residential real estate market, that of six storey typologies and two storey laneway housing. The prefabricated building types are envisioned as a new model that will change how housing is created and developed, changing it from the common view of an asset, to that of a product, that can be rapidly constructed and procured. Prototypes of the new designs will be displayed in downtown Toronto in early June 2017.


Farrow Speaks at Ontario Hospital Association Health Achieves 2017 Conference

November 8, 2017. Tye Farrow presented his views on the importance of the ‘design of the process’, not just the building design, to achieve superior health outcomes at the signature conference and exhibition of the Ontario Hospital Association. Farrow presented along side Diana Anderson, the self described “Doc-tech”, on the relationship of what we build to human health outcomes. Health Achieves 2017 conference serves to provide delegates with a venue that is continuously forward-looking, and in which imagination and ideas are encouraged and cultivated.


Farrow Engaged to Create New Golf Simulation Centre

November 1, 2017. Farrow has been hired by The Toronto Hunt to design a new golf simulation centre, pro shop and related spaces overlooking the Lake Ontario. One of the oldest hunt clubs in North America and the second oldest in Canada, the Hunt was founded in 1843. Today, The Toronto Hunt owns approximately 71 acres with 2,000 feet of frontage overlooking the lake.


Farrow Presents at the Inaugural Healthy City Design International Congress, London, England

October 17, 2017. Tye Farrow presented and participated at the first Health City Design International in London, England. The first of its kind, the conference focused on how to design healthier, more sustainable cities that measure and promote health as it relates to culture, communities, economics, environmental, physical and mental health.


Farrow Presents at Inaugural World Design Summit in Montreal

October 20, 2017. Tye Farrow presented his thoughts on reimagining infrastructure as Living Bridges on October 19 at the historic inaugural gathering of 50 international organizations, focused on harnessing the power of design to address pressing global challenges.


Farrow on the Jury of the 2017 Woodworks Awards

September 27, 2017. Tye Farrow was on the jury of the 2017 Ontario Woodworks Awards. The awards program, in its 17th year, honours people and organizations that, through design excellence, advocacy and innovation, are advancing the use of wood in all types of construction. Twelve categories were awarded; ten awards for specific wood projects and two were given to professionals for contributions to the building industry that advances the case for wood design and construction.

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