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Tye Farrow receives Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Fellowship

2009 fellows were inducted during convocation ceremonies June 19 in Montreal

MEDIA RELEASE, June 24, 2009: Bringing Hospitals to Life

Raising Standards in a Compromised Economy
Humanizing the hospital by humanizing the design process

MASTERPIECES: Hospital Architecture + Design

Design City Torontois a recently published book that features Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center and the Credit Valley Hospital. 


Results-Driven RFPs

Sharon VanderKaay, Farrow’s director of knowledge development, describes how clients and architects benefit from a "lean thinking" approach to the RFP (request for proposal) process. Sharon VanderKaay, Canadian Architect
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Wine by Design

Design City TorontoCelebrating the new alignment that the wine industry is making with design, Wine by Design highlights the most exciting new designs for wineries and spaces of wine from throughout the world. Sean Stanwick & Loraine Fowlow, John Wiley & Sons

Making Places Healing Spaces

Associate Sean Stanwick describes how Canada’s regional responses to healthcare architecture are rooted in the life affirming connection between nature and humanity. World Health Design
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Space that Heals: A Case for Nursing Focused Design

An outspoken advocate for enhancing nurses’ working environment, Farrow principal Ian Sinclair explores the critical role played by nursing staff in hospitals while raising awareness about the intangible benefits of humanistic design.

Designing Inspiring Spaces

This Volvo magazine article profiles how Farrow Partners draws on themes from nature to create human-centric environments that inspire hope while instilling confidence that you "are in good hands." Jack Sennett, LIV (Volvo magazine)
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International Academy of Design and Health Award

The Stockholm-based International Academy of Design and Health selected Partner Tye Farrow as their first Architect-Award recipient, honouring an individual who has made a significant contribution to health and humanity through the medium of architecture.
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