Farrow featured in February Issue of Canadian Architect Magazine

February 13, 2017. Tye Farrow, working closely Ray Arbesman, president of Toronto-based company Nucap Industries, has developed a revolutionary construction material application. Farrow has been testing the idea of replacing exterior steel framing and cladding as well as walls and entire floor plates in multi-storey buildings with this lightweight, exceptionally strong material called Grip Metal.

Nucap Industries invented Grip Metal, originally developed to make car brake pads that are "stronger, lighter, more rigid, and more secure than brake pads used in any car in the 20th century." Tye Farrow's innovative design breakthrough is described in this issue of Canadian Architect, "Getting a Grip"along with a detailed description of the technology:

"As Montu Khokhar, CEO of Nucap, ex-plains, Grip Metal has developed tooling that extrudes an extremely small pattern of hooks on sheet metal. These hooks are formed on the surface alone, so that sheets as thin as 0.3 milli-metres are not punctured in the process. Pressed with enough weight, the hooks clasp to new materials instantaneously. Like barbs on a thistle, the hooks can attach to any substrate that doesn’t shatter under pressure: another piece of metal, wood, plastic, vinyl, or even some concrete composite panels. Essentially, Grip Metal makes metal act like Velcro."

Grip Tower sm




Farrow Selected to Expand Ottawa Education Campus

January 16, 2017. Farrow has been selected to master plan the expansion of Elmwood School, in the prominent Rockcliffe neighbourhood of Ottawa. Elmwood is one of the most innovative girls’ school in North America and ranked as one of the top 25 private schools in Canada. Acclaimed for its academic excellence, caring atmosphere and strong community spirit, Elmwood is a school where girls are encouraged to stretch themselves, try new things, create and explore.

The intent of the project is to revitalize and strengthen Elmwood’s image in the minds of parents, students, staff and donors; a project that can create the physical environment where girls are at home, when they can truly be themselves, to “unlock their intelligence, their passion and their greatness.”

Farrow has a worldwide reputation for creating healthy learning places that nourish the spirit and touch the heart, having worked on over a dozen independent school projects.


Farrow Designs Israel’s Newest Cancer Centre

SZMC cancer

December 12, 2017. Farrow presented the design for Israel’s newest cancer centre, located on a prominent site in the heart of Jerusalem. It is the first phase of Farrow’s master plan for Shaare Zedek Medical Centre (SZMC) campus, which was completed in April 2016. The 70,000 square foot centre will offer radiation treatment as a complement to SZMC present chemotherapy services. The shape of the building has been called a ‘butterfly’, offering hope, life and a sense of movement for the staff, patients and family who use the centre. Construction will commence with the excavation of the site in June 2017.

Farrow is collaborating with Jerusalem-based Rubenstein Ofer Architects for this project.


Farrow Part of Team to Design Australian Adolescent Mental Health Facility

December 8, 2016. Farrow is part of a team which is designing the new model for adolescent mental health in the State of Queensland, Australia. The Government recognised a small group of young people may require specialist bed-based care that cannot be catered for in community settings. There is currently no facility, or like service, in Queensland that provides non-acute, extended treatment and rehabilitation services to adolescents and young people.

The model of service delivery for extended treatment and rehabilitation is based on a continuum of care underpinned by five key service elements which include: Adolescent Sub-acute Beds; Step Up/Step Down Unit; Youth Residential Rehabilitation Unit; Adolescent Day Program; and Assertive Mobile Youth Outreach Service.

The team is lead by Destravis Group based in Brisbane with MAAP Architects based n Sydney.


Farrow Completes Master Plans for TMS School Campuses

December 5, 2016. Farrow has completed the master plan designs for the expansion of Toronto Montessori’s Bayview and Elgin Mills Campuses. The master plans create new main entrances, dining, gymnasium, performance and student common spaces.

Internationally recognized since 1961 as Toronto Montessori Schools, TMS School (TMS) had selected Farrow in August 2016 to create a Facilities Development Plan for their two campus locations in Richmond Hill. Farrow’s strategic design process is aligned with Montessori values that include purpose-focused inquiry, critical thinking and active, experiential learning.


Farrow Completes Design of 44 Storey Grip Metal Global Timber Tower

grip tower 1

December 2, 2016. Farrow has unveiled the design for the Grip Global Tower. The 44 storey tower has an unconventional geometry and uses new hybrid structural components in wood, steel and concrete including: Dual concrete cores; Perimeter steel/wood diagrid using Grip bonded steel and wood in upper levels; Composite wood-concrete infill floor slabs using thin ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) bonded to mass wood panels using Grip; Precast concrete perimeter beams for each floor; and Cross-Laminated Timber party walls. The geometry changes from floor to floor which makes prefabrication a preferred method of construction for this tower.


Farrow Designed Norwich Community Commences Construction

November 8, 2016. Construction has begun on the Farrow master planned community for the Netherlands Reformed Congregation of Norwich, near London, Ontario. The master plan includes a variety of housing types and education facilities that embrace the existing church as an integrated focal point for the congregation. The master plan includes independent living housing, assisted living facilities, expansion to the 800- student independent school and a major addition to the church. The first phase will be completed in late 2017.

Norwich Community


Farrow presents on process at Canadian Institute

Tye Farrow will present "Designing the Process to Improve Health Outcomes" at the Canadian Institute in Toronto on October 26. His talk will focus on results achieved using a reliable and rigorous design decision-making process. Drawing on local and global examples from his projects, he will describe a collaborative approach that raises the bar for patient and staff wellness, while demonstrating greater value for money.

  • How a purpose-driven participatory design process leads to better, more confident decisions
  • The importance of defining shared design values for the project in vivid, specific terms
  • How to use a Design Impact Balanced Scorecard to evaluate key project decisions
  • Examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of this strategic process

Canadian Institute Designing the Process intro

Conference details can be found here.


Farrow to judge TimberFever Challenge

Timber Fever 2016

Tye Farrow will serve as a judge for Moses Structural Engineers second annual TimberFever Design-Build Challenge at Ryerson University. This event brings architectural science and civil engineering students together to build a life-size structure by drawing on their knowledge of woodwork and design.

The general public is invited to watch the final build take place on Ryerson’s Gould Street on Sunday afternoon, September 25, 2016, beginning at 1 p.m. The public will be invited to vote online for the People's Choice Award until Tuesday September 27.

Moses Structural Engineering has taken the initiative to organize TimberFever because they recognize that architectural and engineering professionals rarely cross paths until their first job where they have to work together. Their mission is to create a collaboration between these disciplines while they’re still students. Moses believes that "developing their design, construction and communication skills together will create an even brighter group of graduates." TimberFever was inspired by the Defi Cecobois competition held annually by Cecobois in Quebec.

TimberFever judges