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Credit Valley Hospital: Peel Regional

Cancer & Ambulatory Care Centre

Mississauga, Ontario

Credit Valley Hospital's Cancer Care and Ambulatory Care facility has received multiple international awards that recognize this design for new thinking and influencing the future of design for health.

From the outset, leaders at Credit Valley Hospital were committed to treating “the whole person: body, mind and spirit. They recognized that this physical space needed to advance their vision to “be the finest hospital in Canada in the hearts and minds of the people we serve.” They further realized “…that an ordinary design would make these words meaningless.”

When we asked patients about their priorities for design they responded: “something that gives us hope; something that is alive.’’ Dramatic yet protective and inspirational spaces combine with warm, natural materials of the new facility convey optimism and a sense that “you are in good hands.”

The cancer centre is phase one of a three-phase $349 million dollar project designed to serve the future healthcare needs of Mississauga.

This project is
featured in Green Building and Design.