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In order to create places that get it right we believe it is vital to engage project stakeholders in exploring what if? possibilities instead of jumping to assumptions and answers. We also believe that healthy, thriving places can only be created through a truly healthy process.    

This means that rather than rely on a rigid mechanical 'buy-in' approval process, we draw on our knowledge of human nature, commitment and the psychology of group decision making. To manage this process most effectively requires a reliable, healthy way forward that makes the best use of all knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm that comes to the planning table. This 'healthy process' approach creates something people believe will serve a higher purpose beyond themselves.

Clients look to us to provide them with the latest research, the best analysis of emerging trends, innovative service delivery models and reliable technical information. To grow leading knowledge of this calibre requires a dynamic flow between formal and informal learning sources.

Farrow's national and international reach is represented by a portfolio of diverse projects across North America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The firm understands regional, cultural and environmental needs and responds with thoughtful, enduring and health-causing designs that meet local and international standards. For these projects, Farrow typically partners with local firms that provide a variety of on-the-ground knowledge and services.





Farrow presentation at Cleveland Clinic Summit

Farrow Senior Partner, Tye Farrow, joined Ray Pentecost, President of Design and Health, and George Tingwald, Director of Medical Planning at Stanford University Medical Center, to present Architecture – Designing for Health and the Patient Experience at the 5th annual Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit: Transforming Healthcare through Empathy and Innovation at the annual Cleveland Clinic Summit.

The summit brought together senior health care leaders from around the world on May 18-21 to explore the patient experience as a key differentiator essential to the future of health care delivery.


University of Toronto Magazine features article on Farrow’s ‘Building for Your Health’ initiative

Tye Farrow (University of Toronto, BArch 1987) talks about causing health through the design of the built environment. Download PDF


Farrow featured in Globe and Mail

Tye Farrow and the Globe and Mail's Architourist, Dave LeBlanc, went for a walk in a Toronto neighbourhood recently and talked about Farrow's long-held belief that design can cause health. Download PDF