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Kipling Integrated Health Centre

Kipling Integrated Health Centre

Kipling, Saskatchewan

The design of this 33-bed long-term care facility offers a welcoming, home-like environment for the seniors of Kipling as well as acute care centre and community amenities for the region.

The 45,000 sf building is built around an inviting circular space which greets visitors and offers beautiful outdoor spaces for residents. The house-like rooflines and timber construction make the building feel familiar and comfortable.

The design of the long-term care wings is aligned with the "New Eden" concept, which was conceived to address issues that are common among such residents: loneliness; helplessness; and boredom. To this end, great care has been taken to ensure that the building is a truly human habitat which guarantees contact with plants, children and animals - things that most elderly people love, but do not always have as a part of their everyday life.

Additionally, corridors are kept short with sightlines to lively areas. Beautiful gardens with trees and walking paths provide a venue for active, outdoor activities. Views to these gardens flood the common areas, which are designed to welcome pets and children. Resident amenities are shared with the community, ensuring that the residents maintain connection with the world at large. The result is a building that is less of a facility, and more of a home. It replaces a medical model of care with a social model of care.

In order to efficiently serve the population of Kipling, a wing with 11 acute care beds, plus one palliative bed, has been integrated into the facility. This wing provides immediate care for long-term residents in distress while also providing 24-hour-a-day care to the township. The well-designed nursing station ensures that staff may effectively monitor all acute patients while also observing the 24-hour care entrance in case of a late-night emergency.